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Auhmline Studio

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To achieve the perfect sound you'll love

Auhmline Studio focuses on providing its clients sound design, mixing, mastering, composing services and products.

We use classic and modern audio engineering techniques and a library of over 250 thousand unique sounds and recordings.

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Contact and send us your mix and we'll send you a FREE test master. If you like it, pay later and get access to the full master!

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  • ad intuit's Entangle EP


    Explore and express creativity through sound.

    Check out the five track EP NOW!

    Listen Now!

  • Free +150 Sound Pack: Substrate 2


    Get your free download by answering the survey!

    Download & Survey
    Or you can buy the stem back from our store!

  • Jackal

    "yessss its perfect"

    "spot on mate"

    "I've really enjoyed working with you so far dude, you're very coherent, respectful and so far a pleasure to deal with!"

  • Melee Arena (Close Combat Audio Library)


    Experience the power of the "Melee Arena" the Melee Combat Audio Library for your scenes and games,

    featuring over 1000 versatile sounds ranging from realistic armor wear to immersive impact textures and beyond.

    Click here to purchase!

  • ad intuit - Giants Within EP


    Giants Within is a masterfully crafted fusion of EDM, metal, and IDM.

    Giants Within EP is out now!

    Listen Now!

  • Magisters' Spellbook (Magic & Spell Audio Library)


    Want magic in the palm of your hand?

    Magisters' Spellbook is your one-stop-shop for all things magical. From dark void magic to divine blessings, and fiery explosions to gentle breezes!

    Click here to purchase!

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