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Hello! My name is Hally-Mass Jallow.

I am an audio engineer, composer and the owner of Auhmline Studio.

The best results are achieved when the worker truly loves their line of work.

I am 30 years old and I have been passionate about audio engineering for over a decade and still ongoing.

I have worked on numerous projects ranging from music to sound design and to foley recordings.

My love for the line of work is ever growing and I can't wait to work on your projects.

At the heart of audio engineering lies the importance of client satisfaction.

Auhmline Studio's mission is to provide its clients audio related services and products.

To ensure the services are satisfactory for the clients Auhmline Studio aims to bring customer experience to the forefront.

To not be limited to one genre.

I have a strong interest in a vast variety of genres, I embrace genre fluid creativity, I enjoy trying out new things and pushing genre boundaries whenever necessary.

To get an idea of the scope and range of my work, you can check out some of my releases @Auhmline-studio & @ad-intuit

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Offline, Approx. Wait time 1-3 weeks.
Temporarily offline starting from June 19, 2024, for a duration of a few weeks.